When Is A painting Not A Painting?

River Ripples

You may have noticed I have a thing about water, light and reflections, and the abstract patterns which the mind can get completely  lost within if you allow it to roam within such an image. There is a narrow bridge crossing my local river which leads to a canal a stone’s throw away. This is the view of the river looking over the side of the bridge. This is how I saw it, tiny ripples forming as the cool water stirred over smoothened pebbles and stones just under the surface. Reflections of tree branches stretching out like flailing limbs, and the canopy of foliage almost like daubs of green paint where an artist has just let themselves go free in a creative flourish. As for the blue, well that just takes you out of this world.

Click and click again on the image to expand the view, and dive right in.

May 2018, local river, Staffordshire, England. © Pete Hillman

25 thoughts on “When Is A painting Not A Painting?

  1. I’m catching up on WP at the Dunedin library with a reasonably large screen so I dove right in to the large-size as you suggested and its a wonderful world! Amazing variety in the shades of green and they look lovely against the lilac-blue background. The ripples add just the right amount of texture. Its like a perfectly executed impressionist painting!

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  2. Very painterfly, Pete! I, too, love water reflections and have managed to capture a few that remind me of abstract or impressionist art.

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  3. No more beautiful a painting ever existed, but that’s just my opinion. My daughter and I are always remarking how beautiful reflections can be. A while ago I took a picture of water in a waterfall fountain that reflected the sky, the plants, as well as the wall that was painted yellow. It looked like an abstract painting, but was always moving and changing. Nature is just so freaking amazing!

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