False Widow Spider

Rabbit Hutch Spider Steatoda bipunctata

This is one of the False Widow Spiders, the Rabbit Hutch Spider Steatoda bipunctata, for it is commonly found near or in human habitation such as outbuildings or sheds. They are called False Widow Spiders for they are commonly mistaken for the real thing which are not found in the UK, unless accidentally imported, which is rare.

Rabbit Hutch Spider Steatoda bipunctata

Rabbit Hutch Spider Steatoda bipunctata

I found this one in a sack of potatoes which I had been keeping in the garage.


Double click on images to enlarge.

May 2018, rear garden, Staffordshire, England. © Pete Hillman

8 thoughts on “False Widow Spider

  1. Well, seems like ESP is at work — we’re both writing about spiders today! And aren’t you lucky — no black widows. (Just think of the excitement you’re missing.)

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  2. You’ve got a lot of patience, Pete. They’re great shots and by your reply to the comment above, not quick or easy to capture. Do you find the patience to do insect macros flows through to your life in general? Patience is something so many people don’t have much of.

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    1. Thank you, Vicki. Oddly, as I have got older I find my patience waning a little, but I try my best to be patient, although it is not always easy. I think the problem is the fast pace of modern living and trying to cram too much into a day at once.

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