44 thoughts on “Stillness In The Heart of Time

  1. For some reason my comments from earlier did not show up, I probably forgot to hit send. Anyway the jist was that this is an awesome post and the rainbow photo is stunning.

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  2. Dear Pete, this is really beautiful. Iā€™m sure your dad was proud of his son and his numerous artistic talents xx

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  3. A wonderful expression of esteems and a beautiful tribute to your father. The music is so lovely. Thank you for sharing.

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  4. We never forget, do we? And it’s so hard to express all that comes to mind when we remember those we’ve loved, and lost. I’d say your music and images are a perfect and fitting tribute.

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  5. What a moving tribute, Pete! A very pretty composition … it makes me want to go to the woods and think of my own dad, whom I lost almost 30 years ago.

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  6. What a beautiful tribute to your dad! Time does fly by especially when it comes to our loved ones who have gone on before. Loved your musical piece. You have some great talents we are just now getting to experience. Keep up the good work Pete!

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