A View From A Window

December Snow

Yesterday we had the first snowfall here for several years here. We had around 50mm (2 inches), but it was enough to cause chaos on the roads and keep me home. Overnight came freezing temperatures and more snow showers, and just a few moments a go I took the image you see above from my study window. It is a ‘Winter Wonderland’ out there for sure, and I am like a child again with wild excitement and wonderment at this beautiful icing- topped New World beyond the pane.

Just now, December 2017, Staffordshre, England.

34 thoughts on “A View From A Window

  1. Beautiful light and freezing cold! Honestly, I had to search on the map to find out where Staffordshire actually are located, in the middle of England. “Winter Wonderland” sounds really wonderful, but for me who lived so many years in Sweden, winter is too cold and far too long. But enjoy the moment and let us take part of lots of your pictures from your “New world” πŸ˜€

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  2. There’s always a state of child like wonder when uncommon snowflakes fall. I feel the same when nature bestows such surprises 😌

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  3. Snow turns us all into children again, especially when it is an unusual occurrence.
    Put on your boots, hat and mittens and go out and play before it goes away!

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      1. I do miss the first snow fall of the year, it was part of me for decades. However, I know it never stops at just one, and in the Northern US it lingers. Now I will take my chances with the once a year hurricanes.

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  4. Lucky, lucky you! Some parts of Texas just got substantial snow, too. I wasn’t so lucky, but at least I got to see it snowing, and got a few pics of it on rooftops and such. We were just enough warmer, being near the water, that it didn’t accumulate. Your photo is beautiful. I’m just a little envious!

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  5. Happy to hear you are happy with the snow, Pete. It will bring lots of photo opps. Now, if you’re REALLY keen on snow, we have it for months at a time on this side of the pond. πŸ™‚

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    1. Thank you. The morning sunlight was beautiful shining through the tree.

      It has been snowing very heavy here overnight, and still is, with gusts of wind so it is drifting in places. Everything is still and quiet in this ice world. I hope you get to enjoy your snow next week, Anki!

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  6. There is snow in parts of Mexico that have not seen snow in 30 years, and we just read that in Alaska there is a warm front and people should get out their rain gear!

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    1. Yes, especially when the gritters failed to turn out to grit the main roads, it was indeed chaos. Thank you πŸ™‚


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