Something Strange Comes This Way

Baetis sp male Giger

You may be forgiven for thinking you have clicked onto a site featuring some of H.R. Giger’s new alien artwork looking at the top two images which I have desaturated for effect. But what we actually have is the shed skin from a mayfly, Baetis sp. and a male.

Baetis sp male

These remaining images show the mayfly itself, which was attracted to the light of my moth trap one night. And over night, whilst I held it in captivity, it did its skin shedding thing, so you can imagine the surprise I got the next morning.

Baetis sp male

I can’t get over those eyes, which look alien in themselves.

Baetis sp male

Baetis sp male

Double click on images to enlarge.

August 2017, rear garden, Staffordshire, England.

31 thoughts on “Something Strange Comes This Way

  1. Amazing!!
    It’s so difficult to click on “Like” without giving a comment, though my comments may be a bit similar. Wish I could click on “Like” ten times 😀

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  2. Nice shots. One does really need to click on the images to see the full quality of these photos – do so on the B&W also. The sharpness and detail in all of them are a treat for the eyes.

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  3. What an amazing occurrence! Before I knew it was shed skin I thought ‘This fly looks just like crumpled paper’ which I suppose in effect that’s what those first images are, almost.

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