Sisyra nigra

Sisyra nigra

Wingspan 10-12mm. This small fly which rests with its wings in a tentlike fashion and resembles a brown lacewing is actually a Spongefly from the family Sisyridae within the order of Neuroptera. Note the antennae are completely dark compared to other similar species of which there are three in Britain within the same genus Sisyra.

The larvae are entirely aquatic and feed within the tissue of freshwater sponges. This is the most common and widespread species encountered, and is seen in association with slow-moving or static water. The adults are seen May to October.

Double click on image to enlarge.

August 2017, attracted to moth trap, rear garden, Staffordshire, England.

4 thoughts on “Sisyra nigra

  1. I love the angle of the shot. Makes the wing span look very interesting – in fact, it looks almost like an old penny.

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  2. Nice to see all the details up close! I think we may have this one (or a very similar spongefly) in the USA that I see in the spring.

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