An Ocean of Clouds

Can you perceive within those layers of billowing light, across a boisterous ocean, a far off land where gold tints the highest peaks?

We dream … and we can see what we will … or wish to see …

Dedicated to Linda who is dearly missed, but always in our hearts.

Sunrise through cloud, from rear garden, Staffordshire, England, September 2017.

33 thoughts on “An Ocean of Clouds

  1. WOW! I would gladly have that on my wall. I think its so utterly wonderful that words completely fail me. Like a wonderful painting but composed by nature! I’m simply lost in wonder and feasting my eyes on those beautiful and unusual colours !!!

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  2. How would you describe this in terms of colours anyway? On my basic laptop screen I’d say Indigo and Red, with Cream and Gold highlights. How do you see it?

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  3. Thank you so much Pete – you’ve touched my heart. A beautiful photograph with such beautiful words.

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