17 thoughts on “Spot The Beastie

  1. I love frogs and wonder whatever happened to our pond frog Butch after Sundance was found dead on the lawn??? Love how yours has just popped up to say hello.

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    1. Sorry about Sundance. He seemed to be there for quite sometime in the pond, and then the heavens opened up it began to rain quite heavy. When I went out after he had gone.


  2. Once I’d seen the closeup, I found him in the first photo. What a fun little critter! Frogs are so expressive — sometimes they look like they’re smiling, and sometimes they just look bemused. I like the color and patterns on this one.

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  3. I have never seen a frog or a toad in the garden. Heard a few croaks a couple of times and even went out in the garden with a torch!
    But to no avail.

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    1. They are probably out there in hiding. I have caught one or two in my lights at night around the pond. Even before I had a pond sometimes I would find them in my garage, of all places.


  4. Now that’s……a very well camouflaged frog. I hear frogs all the time here on a warm day, but have yet to see one.

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