17 thoughts on “Nursery Web Spider Pisaura mirabilis

  1. So interesting how this spider keeps his front legs together. Yes, I continued to look beyond my first apprehensive glance Pete. I can do this 😉 Great shots once again!!

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    1. He was on my garage wall. I have a few shrubs growing in a border there, and maybe it had ventured from one of those.


  2. I thought the same as Dianna, how the pose was interesting with the front legs held together, also the spider seems to keep itself very flat against the wall.

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  3. Noticed from what Diana had said in the first comment about how the spider kept its two front legs together. I had originally been puzzled that it only had 6 legs when our arachnid friends/enemies have 8 was rather odd. But was brave enough to scrutinise further, and saw front pair were thicker, suggesting two front legs at each side instead of one.

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