Who Said Slugs Don’t Like Salt?

Large Red Slug Arion (Arion) rufus

This is the Large Red Slug (Arion (Arion) rufus), and its slimy kind really like to set up camp in my garden to chomp on my plants. Now most people know if you want to reduce the slug population in your garden you can dig a hole in the ground and bury a small container of beer whereby the slugs will be attracted, fall in and will drown their sorrows, and themselves in the process. Another way is to sprinkle salt on them where they will meet a most horrible gooey death. However, contrary to them dying by salt, I came across this one munching on a crisp this afternoon on my back decking, which I thought was quite an odd thing to witness, to say the least.

Large Red Slug Arion (Arion) rufus

This was a beef and onion crisp, yes it was salted, and it could not get enough of it. It devoured the lot, and mopped up any remaining crumbs in one sitting. After desert (too disgusting to mention) it casually slid off between a narrow crack in the decking.

Large Red Slug Arion (Arion) rufus

Large Red Slug Arion (Arion) rufus

September 2017, Staffordshire, England.

44 thoughts on “Who Said Slugs Don’t Like Salt?

  1. I’m feeling rather sluggish after my own lunch here hehe. Great observations Peter! Not the handsomest fellow but once again, a revelation about an animal I would never see up close.

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  2. Eww, I can’t believe I liked slug photographs 😦
    I’ve never liked slimy critters and I once stood on a slug in my bare feet and it squished up between my toes….. I’m still traumatised 20 years later!

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  3. Nice shots. I remember pouring salt on them as a kid. Can’t believe how cruel we were. Of course we used to make jewelry out of lightning bug/firefly “lights”. Can’t imagine being able to do that stuff now.

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  4. Super photos! I don’t mind slugs but relieved we don’t have these red slugs in our neck of the woods. Our small slugs simply dine on our hosta leaves… so far.

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    • Thank you, Annie πŸ™‚ You mentioning hosta leaves, mine have really suffered this year again. Even though they grow in a pot the slugs manage to dine on them so they look so shredded and tattered I am amazed they grow at all!

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      • Our small slugs are very well-behaved. They dine on hidden hosta leaves. We’d never know unless we lift and look beneath to the lower leaves. Good little slugs…

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    • πŸ™‚ I have known some slugs to creep into peoples houses and feed on pet food which has been left out over night, and they have also climbed up my bird table and fed on bird seed.


      • For a couple of years we noticed them but oh well… All of a sudden the population has exploded, we could collect them by the 1000’s. But they are all over the fields too, on the move, it would be useless.

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      • I have heard how bad they can be. With the mild winter here there has been an explosion of slugs and snails in general here. Unfortunately it is a battle which cannot be won, especially with the decline of some of their natural predators like the hedgehog.

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