Morning Fox On The Roof

Red Fox Vulpes vulpes

Early this morning as I got up for work I looked out my bedroom window. What should I see on my garage roof? A beautiful young fox. I barely managed to open the blinds enough to get a reasonable few shots in, and dared not open the window, so these were taken through glass. It was quite a nervous young thing, especially when my camera shutter made a few noises, and she or he looked directly down my lens.

Red Fox Vulpes vulpes

There must be something about my garage roof, for every once in a while I find a fox up there.

Red Fox Vulpes vulpes

Red Fox Vulpes vulpes

Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes) rear garden, Staffordshire, England. September 2017.

80 thoughts on “Morning Fox On The Roof

  1. Pete! Wow! and double wow! How lucky you happened to look when you did. (And you obviously clean your windows more often than I do mine … I notice my lack of domesticity when something neat is happening outside and my camera insists on focussing on bug smudges. Hmmm.)

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  2. Great shots, even more so as they were taken through the window. (you must have pretty clean windows 🙂 ).

    And what a lovely way to greet the day – a wild creature on your ‘doorstep’ (aka roof).

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  3. I’ve never seen a fox so close, except in photos. I think I’ve mentioned here (or somewhere) that I may only have seen a fox two or three times, and then at such a distance I couldn’t be sure. This one is such a cutie — how lucky you were to see it. That’s what happened when I saw the deer swimming in the marina. I just happened to look out the window, and there he was.

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    • I was very lucky, Linda, for I ccould have so easily have missed it. They are such beautiful creatures, and I think it is such a shame they get such bad press here.


  4. I had the same thoughts as Sally about your clean windows, Pete! ☺ This fox is beautiful, and I love the pictures!
    I’ve seen quite a few pictures of foxes on snowy rooftops, and have wondered what it is they like there (and how they get there. 😉) Guess it’s not limited to snowy ones, and is still a mystery…

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    • Thank you, Anita 🙂 Oh my, I am so glad my windows were clean, lol! 🙂 I have had foxes on my garage roof on and off for several years now, and I think it is because they are elevated and feel safe, whilst taking a chance to grab some early sun rays. Why on snowy roofs though, is quite a mystery to me, too.

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  5. Wow Pete. What a handsome Lady/fellow. You were blessed, how lucky are you!!. Such a beautiful face. You know I love Foxes ( hence naming my blog The Fox Den) but you have guessed that already , these pictures have made my day. 🙂

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  6. Wow! What a beauty! I like the first and last “poses” the best. Ok. How on earth did he/she get on your roof?
    I’m trying to think of a pun with words like “fox trot” and “out foxed” but too sleepy now …

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  7. Wow, he is so cute. I would have had to photoshop out the dirt spots if this had been me. Actually he would have run away. All animals take off when I grab my camera. Lucky he looked your way too!

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