The Ant Eater

Lepthyphantes tenuis

Lepthyphantes tenuis

This is one of the Linyphiidae, the tiny ‘Money Spiders’. Identification of these is very tricky, it may be Lepthyphantes tenuis, but I can’t be certain, except it is definitely a Lepthyphantes species. I discovered this in my garage this morning, and you can see how small it is. In the images above can you see that crinkled pale pod like thing caught in the web behind it? That is an ant pupa casing.

Lepthyphantes tenuis

Lepthyphantes tenuis


Garage, Staffordshire, England. July 2017.


10 thoughts on “The Ant Eater

  1. I was told if a money spider crawled onto you you’d come into money – but it hasn’t come true for me! Lovely pics of such a tiny creature Pete 🙂

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