Another Master of Disguise

Pale Prominent Pterostoma palpina

This moth takes it to the next level, and look like a piece of broken wood. When disturbed it will roll onto its side and lying flat and still it just looks like a fragment of jagged bark. Everything about this moths evolution is in its instincts and camouflage.

Pale Prominent Pterostoma palpina

To learn more about this magnificent moth please visit my Back Garden Moths blog.


11 thoughts on “Another Master of Disguise

  1. Fantastic, Pete – some of God’s creatures have developed defensive “weapons” – to camouflage themselves that it is really difficult to see them even. Well done presentation, dear Pete 🙂

    Have a great week

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  2. A year ago, I finally saw our butterfly that looks like a dead leaf when its wings are folded. Nature’s a clever one, for sure. I’m not certain I would have spotted this one at all.

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