Twenty-plume Moth

Alucita hexadactyla – I often see this curious little moth flying early dusk around my Honeysuckle. The Twenty-plume Moth belongs to a family of micro-moths called Alucitidae, of which there is only one British species.

Twenty-plume Moth Alucita hexadactyla

Copyright: Peter Hillman
Camera used: Nikon D7200
Date taken: 8th July 2017
Place: Attracted to moth trap, rear garden, Staffordshire

Want to learn more about this moth? Please visit the species main page.

24 thoughts on “Twenty-plume Moth

    • Yes, it can fly, but they are weak and fly very slowly and usually not very far. I always generally find them around the honeysuckle at the bottom of my garden, and at night they are attracted to my shed light. Thankk you for your comment, Eliza 🙂


    • Thank you, Jude 🙂 I have had these moths in my garden since I have lived here, for the honeysuckle was here before me. Yes, I got moths as an extra with my house 😉 But I have always found them so odd and fascinating, and this is the first time I have had the technical equipment and know how to photograph them this way.


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