Coccinella septempunctata

7-spot Ladybird

7-spot Ladybird Coccinella septempunctata

Local field, Staffordshire, England. July 2017.

8 thoughts on “Coccinella septempunctata

  1. Can you believe I didn’t know until the last year or two that ladybugs actually are beetles, or that there’s more than one variety? I grew up with red-with-black-spots, and to me, that was the ladybug. On the same day that I found the yellow lily, I found two that were plain red, with no spots at all. They seemed to be lacquered — quite lovely. That cream-spot one is exquisite. I need to see how many species we have around here.

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  2. This ladybird is lovely. I remember that heatwave in the 70’s when I was little, we had a plague of greenfly, followed by a plague of ladybirds which must have got fat scoffing all the greenflys.

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