All Legs

leiobunum blackwalli male

As I was preparing the garden hose for watering the garden this evening I disturbed this rather long-legged individual who was sheltering nearby. It a male Leiobunum blackwalli, a species of harvestmen. I have bought you in close to start, and will bring you back gradually over three shots, and you will see just how long these legs are.

leiobunum blackwalli male

leiobunum blackwalli male

Note how small the body is, and how different it is to that of a spider. Harvestmen are quite an ancient group of arachnid, and although they resemble spiders they are not spiders, but related. They have an order of their own called Opiliones. The conjoined head and body of this individual is around 3mm (0.1in) long. Now the legs are about 50mm (2in) long. And that is each leg.

No wonder they are also called ‘Daddy Longlegs’.

Rear garden, Staffordshire, England. June 2017.

21 thoughts on “All Legs

  1. We used to call them harvest spiders, and I think I have a photo of one somewhere taken over here. That’s a super shot of him Pete, unbelievably long legs!

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  2. We call Daddy Longlegs ones that have wings too, and call these Harvestmen or the latin term – ‘Arrrgggh run it’s one of those things with freakishly long legs and a tiny body!’

    Astonishing close up. Well done that man.

    – Esme impressed with Pete’s skill as usual upon the Cloud

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