I’ve Only Got Eyes For You

Spotted Wolf Spider Pardosa amentata female

It appears this female Spotted Wolf Spider (Pardosa amentata) with an egg sac, was keeping quite a close eye (or should I say ‘eight’ eyes) on me.

Spotted Wolf Spider Pardosa amentata female

Spotted Wolf Spider Pardosa amentata female

Spotted Wolf Spider Pardosa amentata female

Please click on an image for a larger more detailed view. Clicking a second time may get you a little closer.

Rear garden, Staffordshire, England. June 2017.


32 thoughts on “I’ve Only Got Eyes For You

      • I also loved reading about the fact that you don’t use a tripod or monopod. I have both as well and don’t use them. I find them cumbersome and by the time I’ve set it up it”s too late. I also have stabilized lens. I only have 60 macro and wish I had 100 like you though. What do you do with your photos besides putting them on Word?

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      • the ‘pods are cumbersome for me also, and can be quite restrictive. I think the stabilisation technology is quite amazing, but you still have to hold your breath and try to keep a steady hand as you know. I only upload my images to my blogs.

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    • Yes, got it in one with the garden wall! No, I never use a tripod or a monopod, although I have both, just gathering dust. I don’t really have a steady hand, but the lens has stabilisation technology built into it, which helps. And leaning on that wall helped to πŸ™‚ Thank you for your comment πŸ™‚

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  1. Fabulous capture.
    I have been scouring the garden today and yesterday for spiders and can’t find a blasted thing!
    Maybe I have been spending too much time with the telephoto that my eyes have gone doolally?

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    • Thank you, Ark πŸ™‚ Perhaps they are hiding from you. Try a disguise, a Peter Parker tight fitting suit might do the trick. Just don’t try climbing up the walls with it πŸ™‚

      We have the same barren spider periods here though, especially towards the end of autumn.

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  2. For this shot Pete I think you should change the message under the last picture to read: ‘Don’t be scared to click on the image for a larger more detailed view!’ She’s actually rather cute and has a slightly expectant expression! πŸ™‚

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  3. The enlarged version of the last photo is great! She is a beauty. We also have a lot of wolf spiders here. Occasionally I find one or two with blue silk egg cases. (Maybe all baby boys?)

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