Lace-weaver Spider Amaurobius similis

Lace-weaver Spider Amaurobius similis

I apologise if you find spiders repulsive, as this one is quite in your face, or should I say, face to face. The female here played for dead and kept quite still thoughout the whole photo shoot. It is commonly found around houses and outbuildings, and especially around window frames where it makes its tangled web.

Lace-weaver Spider Amaurobius similis

Lace-weaver Spider Amaurobius similis

Please click on the images for a larger more detailed view.

Lace-weaver Spider (Amaurobius similis), front garden, Staffordshire, England. June 2017.


23 thoughts on “Lace-weaver Spider Amaurobius similis

  1. For years, my response to spiders was, “See… squish.” but I’m finding them far more interesting these days, and some of their faces are delightful. That top photo made me laugh!

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    • Happy to make you laugh, Linda πŸ™‚ Not every day folk who would rather squish spiders has a laugh at their face πŸ™‚ That is a good positive. I don’t like spiders in the house, but where as my Dad used to splat them with his slipper, I just evict them πŸ™‚


  2. Amazing photos!!!! The legs are almost translucent and you can see so much detail. Not every day that the contrast of the backdrop allows so much detail to stand out.

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