Turnip Sawfly

Athalia rosae

Turnip Sawfly Athalia rosae

This is quite a small but very distinctive sawfly which I regularly see around my back garden. Brightly orange body and legs, a black head, black markings on the thorax and along one side of the wings.

Turnip Sawfly Athalia rosae

Common and widespread, the larvae are considered to be an occasional but serious pest of crucifers, especially turnips.

Turnip Sawfly (Athalia rosae), rear garden, Staffordshire, England. May 2017.

8 thoughts on “Turnip Sawfly

    1. Thank you, Ark 🙂 They are quite slow fliers but are always on the move, so I feel quite lucky to get the shots I did.


      1. Yeah, like, lucky you were on the look out, lucky you had your camera, lucky you know how to use it, lucky you know what to look for etc. That sort of luck, right?

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