Go Blackbird Go!

Blackbird Turdus merula

This Blackbird was singing so beautifully from my rooftop aerial this late afternoon when it decided to take off.

Blackbird (Turdus merula), Staffordshire, England. May 2017.

13 thoughts on “Go Blackbird Go!

  1. Fascinating to find what beautiful songs the more common birds have. Sometimes I think I hear the call of something rare and unusual and then ………see its a ‘local’.

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  2. I love the Blackbirds and have also taken many photos of them.
    They are – like the Robin very ‘tame’ birds. I often have them sitting so near my hand whilst gardening that I have to go easy with the trowel.

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    • They can be quite tame birds. They are always a delight to see and hear. I wonder sometimes whether they are as inquisitve about us as we are of them.


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