The Kid On The Great Orme

Kashmiri Goats, Great Orme kid

Here he or she is just coming into view. Full of spring, full of life, hardly ever keeping still. Always on the move with poor nanny not far behind, ensuring he or she does not get into any serious bother, like falling off the edge of the cliff.

Kashmiri Goats, Great Orme kid

Stopping for a chobble, or doing one of those old western tough guy impressions. ” Howdy partner.”

Kashmiri Goats, Great Orme kid

Off again …

Kashmiri Goats, Great Orme kid

I wouldn’t go that way though if I were you … thank goodness for nanny!

Edit: This is the kind of trouble they can get into …

Kashmiri Goats, Great Orme

Kashmiri Goats, Great Orme, Llandudno. April 2017.

28 thoughts on “The Kid On The Great Orme

  1. So cute Pete. White and fluffy and keeping mom on her toes. You do wonder how they keep from falling off the cliff.

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  2. Took a walk along part of the Gloucestershire Way today. Lots of sheep in the Cotswolds and a few alpaca herds (growing in popularity) but not many goats and none like that one though they look more sheep than goat to my eyes. The Kashmiri looks quite delicate though I’m sure it’s not as it comes from quite a harsh climate. First time I’ve ever heard of them actually. Nice pix

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    • Thank you πŸ™‚ They have become quite synonymous with that part of Wales, and have been there since the middle of the 19th century.

      Gloucestershire is beautiful. I stopped in Stroud a few years back. I hope you got some more nice art images.


      • Actually there was some street art under some bridges at the the Gloucester end of the walk most of it was of the pure graffiti / eyesore variety but there were a a few good graffiti writing samples and one nature piece – a Kingfisher by a local artist called Trix who sometimes signs himself as ‘Vermin’ and this is one of those. I’ll be posting a few of his in the future he has done some good nature art pieces. This blog is just for nature and wildlife art but I also have a blog for general street art and that has well over 300o posts:

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