The Great Orme Goats

Kashmiri Goats, Great Orme

Even from a distance one can spot the goats which roam wild on the rugged headland of the Great Orme. I am always amazed how none of them slip off over the edge of the perilous high cliffs as they wander near the edges to fall to their deaths. We came across a small group of these Kashmiri Goats, some of them just relaxing and sitting down on the grass, others nonchalantly chewing on it. None appeared bothered by the two-legged beasties which made strange noises as we snapped photos of them.

Kashmiri Goats, Great Orme

The ancestors of these goats once roamed the mountains of Northern India, Kashmir, and there are around 200 strong here now on this Welsh headland, which has been their home since they were bought over sometime in the middle of the 19th century. The numbers are controlled and watched over, otherwise they would get out of hand.

Kashmiri Goats, Great Orme

Kashmiri Goats, Great Orme

Kashmiri Goats, Great Orme, Llandudno. April 2017.

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    • Thank you, David, I appreciate that 🙂 The light kept changing, but it was mainly overcast, which gave me a slight advantage, yet at the same time I did not want the images too flat and dull either.


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