Epistrophe eligans

Epistrophe eligans

This is one hoverfly that has eluded my camera until now. For a fly it is certainly a showy one with its shiny brassy-coloured and yellow markings. A relatively small hoverfly with a wing length of betweenย  6.5 to 9.5mm, it is mainly seen in the spring, from March through to May, feeding on flowers or resting on vegetation. The larvae are aphidophagous, feeding on aphids found mainly on trees and shrubs, so a good one for the gardener. Found on woodland margins, in hedgerows and gardens. Common and widespread throughout most of Britain, although scarcer further north.

Epistrophe eligans

Epistrophe eligans female, rear garden, Staffordshire, England. April 2017.


18 thoughts on “Epistrophe eligans

  1. That’s the brassiest (if there is such an adjective) looking insect I’ve ever seen. You did a good job of capturing that unique aspect especially in the second photo where some parts almost look metallic.

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