Rubus idaeus

Rasberry Rubus idaeus

Belonging to the rose family, Rosaceae, it is also called ‘Red Raspberry’ for its clusters of lush red druplet fruits. The stems bear weak thorns, and the leaves are pale green above with a whitish down beneath, and they are divided into 5-7 finely toothed oval leaflets. The flowers have five tiny white petals which are bent backwards and are smaller than the green sepals between them.

Rasberry Rubus idaeus

It flowers May to August, and is found in shady places such as woodland and scrub, embankments, wasteland and heaths. Widespread and fairly common throughout.

Rasberry Rubus idaeus

Rasberry (Rubus idaeus). Nature reserve, Staffordshire, England. August 2013.

12 thoughts on “Rasberry

  1. Dear Pete,

    uff i get appetite if seeing these beautiful red raspberries, inviting to jump into my water-filling mouth LOL – we also have these berries in our garden and they have a delicious taste.

    Thanks, Pete 🙂

    And have a nice Sunday

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  2. We grow a few raspberries in our yard – I love to eat them right off the vine. These are one of my favorite berries.

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    1. It must be lovely to grow your own 🙂 I grow a few strawberries in pots in the yard, and these are nice to eat later in the year, although they are already flowering.

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      1. We have blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, and strawberries. Have 3 acres to grow fruit on. Have 5 types of fruit trees. Freeze a lot of our berries and make cobblers and cakes all year. Wish you were near – we also share a lot of our fruit.

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      2. I wish I was near also, with all that lovely, tasty fruit you grow there! It sounds so idylic. We only have a small garden, and have some strawberries growing in pots, and plan to grow some runner beans and some potatoes. I do like growing my own, but don’t always have the space.

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