Early Dog-violet

Viola reichenbachiana

Early Dog-violet Viola reichenbachiana

I have always had these violets growing in my garden, and they are always a delight to see in the early spring. I never planted them, they appear to have always been here, seemingly popping up here and there at random. Unfortunately these do not have any fragrance like some violets do, but they are beautiful to behold.

It flowers March to June, and apart from my garden, it can be found in woods and hedgebanks. It is common in some parts of England.

March 2017, front garden, Staffordshire.


10 thoughts on “Early Dog-violet

  1. Living in the south we have them everywhere at the moment. And last spring I found (most unusual) white violets growing by the roadside, getting splashed with all sorts of muck. I went back with a trowel the next day and dug them up. They have blossomed since they’ve been in the garden – next to the Buddha! Lovely photo Pete!

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