Common Stork’s-bill

Erodium cicutarium

Common Stork_s-bill Erodium cicutarium

The vivid pink flowers of the Common Stork’s Bill have five petals of unequal length. The pinnate leaves have fine-toothed leaflets. The beaks on the fruit are longer than that found on the related crane’s-bills.

Common Stork_s-bill Erodium cicutarium

It flowers April to August, and is found on disturbed, bare ground, grassland, and coastal areas. Widespread and locally common.

Common Stork_s-bill Erodium cicutarium leaf

Common Stork_s-bill Erodium cicutarium

April 2012, local field, Staffordshire. © Pete Hillman 2012.


18 thoughts on “Common Stork’s-bill

  1. Nice detail and background separation in the first two photos. A couple of stalks in the foreground of the third photo kind of look like my flowers after the squirrels and rabbits have been around.

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