Meadow Crane’s-bill

Geranium pratense

Meadow Crane_s-bill Geranium pratense

This perennial herbacious plant has always been growing in my garden, and attracts many different species of bee.  It was here when I moved in 24 years ago, and it still flourishes. It generally has a short flowering season in June, but the violet-blue flowers are beautiful whilst they last.

Meadow Crane_s-bill Geranium pratense

This distinctive crane’s-bill makes a beautiful border plant, but maybe found growing wild on verges and in hedgerows, meadows and pastures.

Meadow Crane_s-bill Geranium pratense leaf

Meadow Crane_s-bill Geranium pratense

June 2016, rear garden, Staffordshire. © Pete Hillman 2016.


24 thoughts on “Meadow Crane’s-bill

  1. It was only two or three years ago that I figured out the geraniums sold in garden shops here are quite different from your crane’s-bill. I couldn’t imagine geraniums as border plants, or growing wild. Now I understand!

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    • Before I moved here and discovered these geraniums growing here I only knew of the one you planted as bedding and then dug up at the end of the season. So it was quite a surprise to find these and to realise they were geraniums which came year after year. Thank you for your comment, Linda 🙂


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