Flowering Pond

Garden Pond

I finally got around to changing my macro lens for my wide-angle. No big deal really, but I so love my macro. Anyway, it has been such a lovely spring day today with wall to wall sunshine, and for the first time this year it has been warm enough to chill (sounds like a contradiction) by the pond and enjoy the world as it passes slowly and serenely. Sometimes it is the simple things in life, which are totally free, which give one the most pleasure.

Marsh Marigold Caltha palustris

The Marsh Marigold is just pure joy with the light filtering through its golden-yellow petals. When I planted it in the shallows last year I did not know whether it would survive let alone flower. Growing water plants is new to me, and there is always some trepidation when attempting something new, but I guess they do all the hard work, the plants, as I all I do is just remove the dead and tidy up a little around them. So with multiple blooms on the Marsh Marigold I have been quite happy with the results so far.

Marsh Marigold Caltha palustris

Marsh Marigold Caltha palustris



10 thoughts on “Flowering Pond

  1. Love your pond garden, and lovely bird bath. Ponds draw all sorts of creatures – hopefully a frog or two. You obviously switched back to macro for that gorgeous marsh marigold!

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  2. Beautiful shots and your macros are always excellent.

    (BTW I bought a second DSLR body at a sale a few years back for the simple reason I didn’t like changing lenses down the beach or in windy conditions where fragments might get into the camera).

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    • Thank you, Vicki 🙂 Good idea with the second DSLR body. I have found the same problem when I have visited the coast. You have to be so careful as that sand can get everywhere and do damage.

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