Nettle Weevil

Phyllobius pomaceus

Nettle Weevil Phyllobius pomaceus

Also called the ‘Green Nettle Weevil’, this weevil can be bluish-green or golden green, but as the insect ages and the scales wear off it can appear almost black. There are many other similar species of Phyllobius, and confusion may easily arise, however Phyllobius pomaceus bears a strong tooth on each of its front femurs, and other species of Phyllobis are usually found in trees. Length 7 to 10mm.

The larvae feed on the roots of Common Nettle.

Seen April to August, and found in hedgerows, woodland rides and roadside verges, wherever nettles grow. A common and widespread species.

May 2012, local woodland path, Staffordshire. © Pete Hillman 2012.


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