Large-leaved Saxifrage

Bergenia cordifolia

Large-leaved Saxifrage (Bergenia cordifolia)

I love this plant, and have it growing in various parts of my garden. It readily flowers throughout the year.

Also called ‘Elephant’s Ears’, ‘Heartleaf Begonia’, or ‘Pigsqueak’ from the sound the thick rubbery leaves make when rubbed together. This is a fully hardy, evergreen plant of which the usually large green leaves turn purple-red in the winter months. The flower heads are made up of clusters of pink to pale pink, trumpet-shaped flowers. White forms are known to occur.

Large-leaved Saxifrage (Bergenia cordifolia)

One of the first plants of spring, and it mainly flowers March to May, but will flower generously on and off throughout the year.

Large-leaved Saxifrage (Bergenia cordifolia)

They thrive in full sun, but also in semi-shade and shaded damp habitats with good drainage. It makes for good ground cover, and is ideal for cottage gardens, borders and banks. Now an established escape in woodland, hedgerows, roadside verges, railway embankments and waste ground. Introduced from Siberia, it is now common and widespread throughout the British Isles.

Large-leaved Saxifrage (Bergenia cordifolia)

March 2014, rear garden, Staffordshire. © Pete Hillman 2014. Nikon D3200, with Sigma 105mm macro lens.


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