Buff Arches

Habrosyne pyritoides

Buff Arches (Habrosyne pyritoides)

A most distinctive and unmistakable moth with orange-brown fine etch-like markings and white colouration on the forewings. It almost looks like a piece of exquisite sculpture, its is so beautiful, the markings so delicate and well-defined. Wingspan 35 to 40mm.

Buff Arches (Habrosyne pyritoides)

The caterpillar feeds on Bramble and Dewberry.

Buff Arches (Habrosyne pyritoides)

Adults fly June to August. Found in open woodland, gardens and where bramble grows.  Common and widespread throughout, except where it is rare in Scotland.

Buff Arches (Habrosyne pyritoides)

Photographs taken July 2011, rear garden, Staffordshire. Camera Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ38. © Pete Hillman 2011.


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