Cinnamon Sedge

Limnephilus lunatus

Cinnamon Sedge (Limnephilus lunatus)

A distinctive caddisfly with narrow transparent wings. It has a pale crescent moon on the outer edge of the forewings which is bordered by a dark line.  This marking distinguishes it from similar species and is where the caddisfly gets its scientific name. Forewing length 10 to 15mm.

Cinnamon Sedge (Limnephilus lunatus)

The larva lives in a case made from leaf debris, sand grains, gravel and other materials.

The adults fly May to November. Found in all types of freshwater environments. Common and widespread.

Photographs taken May 2011, rear garden, Staffordshire. Camera Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ38. © Pete Hillman 2011.

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