Look At The Size Of Those!

Longhorn (Oecetis ochracea)

Longhorn (Oecetis ochracea)

This is a caddislfy with antennae which just go on forever. A slim, pale buff caddisfly with exceptionally long antennae – 3x the length of the forewing. Forewing length 10 to 14mm.

Longhorn (Oecetis ochracea)

It flies May to September. Attracted to light, and is found on ponds, canals, lakes and slow rivers. Common and widespread throughout Britain.

Photographs taken July 2013, rear garden, Staffordshire. Camera Nikon Coolpix P500. © Pete Hillman 2013.

18 thoughts on “Look At The Size Of Those!

  1. Do you know the purpose of such long antennae? It would seem they would
    get in the way as they are so cumbersome.
    (My Reader isn’t loading properly today. I’m missing peoples’ posts.)

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