Clubiona reclusa

Clubiona reclusa

I discovered this tiny spider in my study room. I popped him in a container to snap him before releasing him outside.

The abdomen of this sac spider is reddish-brown with a darker cardiac mark, and has a velvety appearance. Body length up to 9mm.

It is a nocturnal hunter of invertebrates.

The adults are seen spring to autumn. Found in various habitats amongst low vegetation and leaf litter. Common and widespread throughout Britain.

Photograph taken May 2014, found in house, Staffordshire. Camera used Nikon D3200, with Sigma 105mm macro lens.

6 thoughts on “Clubiona reclusa

  1. Nice!
    One of the few arachnids down here that (up until recently) were considered of medical significance. Now this status is in flux it seems. I recall reading on a local arachnid site that it was no longer on the watch (out) list.

    I may have been bitten by one last year, but not certain. Haven’t seen one in the garden for the entire year, which is unfortunate.

    If anything turns up between now and autumn I will definitely post.

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