33 thoughts on “Frosty Morning Magic

  1. These are smashing shots, Pete.
    I’ve only ever seen bulrushes once out here; at a local koi farm.
    There were growing wild in a large, man made dam where koi were being grown. The owner let me have some for our pond but cautioned me as they can get out of hand.
    They did! They went ballistic within a season. I removed them. But it was nice to see them again.

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    1. Thank you very mush, Ark 🙂 Interesting to read about your experience with bulrushes. I am amazed how they can quickly colonise even a small pond.

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      1. Which is why they had to go!
        I was also concerned the roots might do damage and the cost of repair would be considerable, especially as our pond is the old swimming pool and it’s approx 100,000 litres!

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      2. I dropped a couple of old rubber/plastic dustbins in the shallow end, weighted them down with some large stones and grew Iris’s, and pickeral plants and a few grasses.
        I tried growing water lilies but <i have a fish called a grass carp – big devil he is – and he ate the perishing lot!
        At some point some of the other plants broke away from 'Home Base', and have established themselves as a small floating island!
        I just have to be very wary of the large Grey Heron that visits from time to time.

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  2. I really like Bespoke Traveler’s comment about the first photo and totally agree. Very special photo – I’m taken with the silhouette effect of the bulrush heads and the white frosty outline. Enjoying your photo studies and stories so much!

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