Walnut Orb-weaver

Nuctenea umbratica

Walnut Orb-weaver (Nuctenea umbratica)

This was probably the very first digital photograph I had ever taken of a spider which I took back in 2005 when I bought my first digital camera, hence the drop in quality. But this delightfully named spider is such an interesting one I wanted to add it to my blog.

This is a dark coloured spider, where the males and females are quite similar. Both sexes maybe be slightly darker in colour, or so dark that the lighter margins maybe indistinguishable or be reduced to a series of pale dots. Body length up to 14mm.

Walnut Orb-weaver (Nuctenea umbratica)

This spider may bite humans, causing skin irritation which can be quite painful resulting in burning and itching sensations, redness and white lumps. It is a nocturnal hunter, and spins its web just before dark to catch moths and other nocturnal insects.

Walnut Orb-weaver (Nuctenea umbratica)

Females are seen all year round, where as the males are seen in the summer. Found in woods and gardens, hiding under the bark of trees, especially rotten stumps or logs. They can also be found resting on fence posts and gates. It is common and widespread throughout Britain, although not frequently seen.

Photographs of Walnut Orb-weaver (Nuctenea umbratica), taken June 2005 , rear garden, Staffordshire. © Pete Hillman 2005. Camera used Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W1.

6 thoughts on “Walnut Orb-weaver

  1. I really like spiders, Pete, and this is a really cool-looking one. I’m not sure that I would have noticed any drop in quality if you had not mentioned that you took it in 2005. The image looks sharp and detailed to me and has aged well.

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    1. Thank you very much, Mike. I appreciate your comment 🙂 I have only seen this spider once. I remember spotting it hiding under the eaves of my garden shed. I only had a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W1 back then, a compact camera, but I loved it and it bought me back to my childhood love of small critters, and set me on the path to igniting my passion for nature photography.

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  2. Great Shots! Amazing how digital photography has changed picture-taking!
    I took one roll of color film after getting a digital camera, and never took another one after that. I love what can be done with the digital. It actually makes me feel like a photographer!! (<:

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    1. Thank you, Dwight 🙂 It is amazing, and like you I have not looked back since buying my first digital camera, and have in fact moved on from it with the progress of computers and the internet.

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