Hairy Shieldbug

Dolycoris baccarum

Also called the ‘Sloe Bug’, it is a medium-sized bug with narrow shoulders which do not project beyond the width of the abdomen. It is very hairy, and it is normally brownish to reddish in colouration. The scutellum is greenish with a yellow tip. It is a about 12mm long.

They feed on a wide range of plant material, including fruits and seeds.

Found in woodland, hedgerows, parks and gardens. It is common and widespread throughout Britain except the far north.

Photographs taken May 2014, local woodland margin, Staffordshire.


4 thoughts on “Hairy Shieldbug

  1. Almost an impossible colour combination. I found my first one earlier in June on the Coastal path in Pembrokeshire. Then lo and behold, another one on my shoulder in the garden later.

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