Odiellus spinosus

This is a fairly large harvestman with the females being larger than the males. It has a distinctive black mark along its back which terminates before the end of the abdomen and appears to be darkly outlined. A key identifying feature is the cluster of spines or horns just in front of the eyes which is called the ‘trident’, and consists of three almost of equal length.The abdomen is also distinctly flattish.  Body length female 9.5mm, male 7mm.

A fierce hunter which prays on other invertebrates.

Seen June to December. Usually found around human habitation like outbuidlings, gardens and houses. It is often found resting on walls during the day. Common and widespread in southern England and also found in parts of the Midlands and Wales.

Photographs taken July 2014, amongst plants, rear garden, Staffordshire.

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