Delicate Balance of Life

I found these tiny pearlescent eggs tucked away in a small niche under a rotting log. I think they are slug eggs, of what species I have no idea as I have several in my garden. I was and still am so a taken at how fragile-looking they are, how beautiful they are in the light, and yet they are well protected and suited to bring forth new life.

Photograph taken March 2014, rear garden, Staffordshire.

4 thoughts on “Delicate Balance of Life

  1. They do look like slug eggs, Pete. I grew up with lots of slugs … big ones, 6 – 8 inches long, some of them. Fascinating to watch them move through their world. I’ve watched a raccoon pick slugs up, roll them back and forth on the ground, dip them in a stream, then eat them. Not my dish of choice. šŸ™‚

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