Lonesome Beauty

On my walk this morning through a local field, I couldn’t help but notice a single flash of scarlet red amidst acres of green. Alone it was, a single poppy flower lost in a sea of green grass, near a well-worn pathway on the field’s margin, the grass grown tall and gone to seed, wavering in a light breeze.

I couldn’t resist but stop by and keep it company for a short while. Just me, my camera and this wonderful poppy. But hey, it was not really alone after all. A small beetle was with it all the time, so tiny I did not spot it at first. And then another suddenly appeared, larger and shiny green, landing on a soft red petal, a flying visit as it soon took to the air.

It must have many visitors during the day, this wonderful bright red poppy, so it was not really alone after all.

Photographs taken June 2016, local field, Staffordshire.

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