Cucumber Green Spider

Araniella cucurbitina

The female has a creamy coloured cephalothorax with a bright green abdomen and yellow stripes. The smaller male also has a bright green and yellow striped abdomen, but has an orangish cephalothorax with two brown curving stripes. Both sexes have a distinctive red spot at the end of their abdomen. There are several species similar to this, especially Araniella opisthographa, which is virtually indistinguishable except through genitalia examination. Body length females 4-6mm, males 3.5-4mm.

It feeds on flying insects caught in its web.

Seen summer to autumn, and found on low vegetation, bushes and trees in various habitats, including woodland edges, hedgerows and gardens. Common and widespread throughout.

Photographs taken May 2015, on climbing rose in rear garden, Staffordshire.

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