Common Bird’s-foot Trefoil

Lotus corniculatus

I discovered this little oasis of bright colours in a local field, where a variety of insects were buzzing and busying, enjoying sips of sweet nectar. The bright yellow or orange flowers of this plant certainly catch the eye. The buds are reddish-orange before opening up yellow. The leaves are pinnate and consist of five leaflets, although initially appearing trifoliate.The fruit are slender pods shaped like a bird’s foot. Plant height 5 to 30cm. Flower size 1 to 1.6cm long.

It flowers June to September.

Found in grassy fields, pastures, embankments, scrub and verges. A common and widespread species.

Photographs taken June 2015, local field, Staffordshire.

3 thoughts on “Common Bird’s-foot Trefoil

  1. The featured image made me smile … and how could you not. Bright happy colours to start the day. You have a great eye for taking photos.

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