White-lipped Snail

Cepaea hortensis

As much as I love my garden, these slimy creatures seem to love it more – they are slowly, but surely chomping their way through it!

The shell of this snail is quite variable, ranging from all over yellow  to yellow with dark brown spiral bands. The lip of the shell is almost always white. Shell diameter 16 to 20mm.

They can live for up to 3 years, and are found in gardens, woods and hedgerows. It is actve during the day in wet and mild conditions, found resting or feeding on vegetation. Common and widespread throughout Britain and Ireland.

Photographs taken June 2014, rear garden, Staffordshire.


2 thoughts on “White-lipped Snail

  1. Nice composition. The water drops pick up on the shiny slimey surface of the snail. How could you not luv ’em? (Depends on how much more you love your garden!)

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    • Thank you. They are amazing creatures, and the frogs and toads that visit help to keep their numbers down in the garden. I love the varied colours of their shells, and at night, when the air is still and quiet, I can sometimes here them munching through my garden.

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